4 Jan 2012

So long 2011!

It was quite a hard year for us but full of lessons learned and actually made us more stronger. It was such a fighting year full of struggles, sadness, difficulties and strife yet it was a part of our growing up emotionaly, socially and spritually. We can say it was a "bad year" for us but NO, when I look back and recall the pieces? It was really and 'amazing year' full of victory on every challenge and test of our being. A year full of miracles, faith, freedom and love! I am so thankful of everything we achieved that made us what we become, yeas for us to survive the coming years.

Now we are ready for this new year. Another exciting months, weeks, and days ahead. New perception in life, new challenges and victories. New blessings! So long 2011 and hello 2012, we're ready:) With God in our side everything will be alright! Godbless Us all!

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RicAdeMus said...


I hope there's no need for fighting in 2012.

teJan said...

hehheh..I think fighting will always be there..an essence of life..hahhaha! thanks for dropping by Rick

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