20 May 2009

aim high

" hit to the moon so if you fall ,

you will land to the stars "

From the time i read this from a certain magazine, i like it! Actually it struck me. There is something challenging message behind those words! And I begun pondering... yah the reality is its aiming the highest so if ever you cant reach, for sure you did the 'almost' which is the second highest.

Originally, i was a mediocre girl. Enough was enough for me;) Im not used to do my best! Many believe my capability that I can do more and can do many things but I just took it for granted. I also knew myself that I can but Im lazy, i didnt want to do more extra.. just a waste of time, a pain on the head and a load on my shoulder, I thought!

'Hit to the moon so if you fall you will land to the stars'

These words put a smile on my face:) and apparently change my perspective. Little by little, step by step i started to do my best, to try the highest, its not that easy but Im trying! If others can do...yah why cant I?

Hmmm thats it! aim high, DO your best, GIVE your best and you will see the BEST result;)


As the old saying says; DREAM BIG DREAMS;)

..... its FREE!!!


This HEART is exclusive for my friend JENNY who answered it right on icebreaker! hmmm GRATTIS och LYCKA TILL;)

Hej jen,


This award is for you for your VG answer on my mind twister question!
Keep on coming gurl, you are smart!

BE Ready for the next question though;)

get it dayon;)

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