9 May 2009

ice breaker

Hej guys, due to my busy schedules in school this past few days and few more days to come, theres a possibility that i will have no time to post new Insights but I promise to work on it as long as this term is over. But even such, i would like to share to you a mind twister for you to think for the mean time!

What 5 letter word that everybody has and no one lives without it. The first 4 letter is the function of the 3 letter word in the middle and the last 3 letter is the stuff you do.

Be the first one to answer! I know you are smart;)

Goodluck! love you!

2 readers digest:

Jennie said...

Yeheyyyy i got it right... HEART!!!... SMarty gud nako oy...hehehe

teJan said...

hehe yah! you are really smart! the correct answer is HEART! I will give you an award for it;) heheh just wait one of these days you will have it! I want to give you a heart medal..ahehehh! grattis! keep on coming gurl!

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