28 May 2009

another lovely award from jenny d gennie

Look! isnt it real lovely???

I got this One Lovely Blog Award from my lovely friend jenny (thewayiusedtobe). I'm so sorry for just posting it now. I was busy last few days due to some reasons.And you knew it heheh;) Now i am passing this to my friends namely: susan, and joni.To those who don't have yet this award and who want it, grab it guys. You're all welcome.
Thanks jen

2 readers digest:

Jenny said...

Thank for posting this... ATleast pinost mo at mentioned mo name ko kasi si Sarah, inignore beauty ko. Ibang name sina bi niya kaya sad ako...huhuhu

Keep it up to your blogging...

Vi hörst då...sköt om dig. kram och puss till laikka

teJan said...

aheheheh..just read it today, well maybe she has some reason also fwend... wag kang tampo makapangit yan! ahehehh thanks again!

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