24 May 2009

Handled with care!

"Not a single sparrow fall to the ground without the Fathers known"

We use to take a walk in the forest everytime we have a good weather here in sweden! Our apartment where we live has a forest and a small lake not so far! Its so good to walk around and feel the beautiful nature! Its so fresh, calm and peaceful. And during spring, the birds comes back home( birds are from europe, they just have to travel somewhere warmer during winter but when summer comes, they went home) and its so nice looking at them so happy:) thier noise is like music to the ear!

And we love to feed them everytime we pass by on that small lake where they live and lay new eggs. Its so nice specially when they fly together, come to you together, countless and happy! My daughter love to feed them and play with them, try to catch them while the birds try to get the piece of bread from her hands.

As I watch over my little girl with all those birds, I ponder on that verse from the bible that says; not a single one of them died without the knowledge of the Father in heaven! He knows and probably sad if one of them died, beacause they were His creature and He cares. Then I reflect, He cares and knows every one of them, how much more to us! We are more precious among all the creatures. So why worry?

REMEMBER; There is someone great, that took care of Us, watching over us ,feel us, provides every needs we have, knows every one of us, and loves us all the way!

"God Loves You So Do I"

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