6 Jun 2011

Giant Black Parasol!

Since we already have a summer hot,hot,hot here in Sweden, my husband bought a giant parasol for the housewagon of my MIL. Since we almost spent our weekends there with the whole family, its cool to have big one!
Chic right? we have the biggest sol umbrella in the nieghborhood..hehe! This will be my entry for Chic in Black! Good day!

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Mars @ The Tech Encounters said...

Great for summer or even rainy seasons. :) Visiting from CIB :) Hope you can visit mine too. ^_^

Edsie said...

Nice!! Love the black parasol!! Visiting from CIB!!!

analou said...

Wow that umbrella is huge. I am pretty sure you and your family having a good time together.

teJan said...

@ mars really perfect for the summer:)
analou; you bet:)

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