17 Jun 2011

CC; hubby as a FATHER!

Hehe, my late entry..but I was making a wrong topic;) It was hubby as a brother which is next week's topic! Well, this week's topic is 'my husband as a father' . Oh, well, I can say how lucky my children to have him as their father .
If as Laikka describes us as..I am like a 'sun' that always shines over them, her Papa is the 'world' to her:) She's a Papa's girl because I know that she feel how her father love her. My husband is a loving father but also disciplining them in a right way. I once asked before why he bought such thing to Laikka so expensive and then I was shut by his answer; " I can use all my salary for my children;I " Uh, I can't forget that! hehe.

He's a happy one being a father. He has no regrets but so proud father! He is so cool in handling them. Even if he's tired from work but taking care of them is not a problem. I really have a luck having him as the father of my children! I can't ask for more!
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Dhemz said...

sweettt.....maibog man sad ta ani nga post...ehehehe!

lina@happy family said...

Awww...I love Laikka's perspectives : you're the sun and your husband is the world :)

Have a great weekend...

freelancer24kha said...

wow.. so sweet of a father.. Your kids were lucky having a father like him .. He doesn't know what the word tired is whenever he sees his kids.

visiting you here with my other blogs.. hope you can take a look at.. thanks

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teJan said...

uu..really sweet and love what Laikka think about us too..heheh!

Mommy Liz said...

Your children are so blessed to have their father in their lives. They will grow up to be great people. Father's love can never be measured. I always think that when children have nurturing fathers, the foundation of love in a home is intact. You are so lucky and blessed as well for having a husband like him. Cherish him and love him for all eternity.

teJan said...

watery eyed naman ako sa sinabi mo sweet liz..yap..absolutely! thanks:)

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