26 Jun 2011

Chic Black Lampshade!

Last week we visited at home with my sister-in law and I found this so chic black lampshade they have in the corner! So elegant and romantic!
With all those crystal balls way down to the foot stand, really chic and so wonderful!
And when its light up?? the more it became so nice and romantic! Hmm..wish to have like this but this seems costs a lot:) Well, linking this to " Chic n Black".
mytotsexactly CIB Monday

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Mommy Jes said...

hi sis!! this is a nice lampshade nga!!! so chic!!!

here's my CIB - www.jeslising.com

teJan said...

haaayy..kaka tamad na dito..hehhe! from PR4-to 0 sakit ang bagsak:)

Kat said...

Super chic talaga, ang ganda! Sana it was more affordable nga lang hehe But I so love the effect lalo na nung bukas na.

Okay lang yang PR, you'll get it back, you'll see :) Thanks for joining CIB Monday this week. Hope you have a great week ahead Mommy!

teJan said...

hehhe..thanks Kat..bitaw..just feeling sad about it but I get over it so quickly..gonna visit later all CIB:)

Edsie said...

I wanna have that in our living room!! So chic!!
Happy Chic Monday!!
Chic in Black Coat

Dhemz said...

that is stunning...hadlok man sad ta kawaton ni...hehehe!

imriz said...

very elegant, indeed.

analou said...

That is very modern and very pretty too. Black nowadays are the in color (inmy own opinion). How are you na Jan?

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