3 Apr 2011

Massage for YOU!

Are you familiar with this stubs or coupon? Do you have it and looking for a health clinic that you can use it with? Maybe you want a real massage using this coupon as payment? Why not check Maria Lindström's Massage and Muskelteraput Clinic. She can give you a good deal with it and can help you the best massage your body needs!

Everybody loves massage, I mean if you haven't tried it yet, you should and you'll love it after:) Last friday me and my husband got a real massage. So relaxing and it takes away the pains we are feeling on our body. Not only physical pains but also it'll take away negative bibes,stress and pressures and clear our minds out from the heavy days we've been through.

So what are you waiting for? Your body deserves pampering after a long weeks hard work. For Volvo employees who has 'friskvårdskuponger' , it's acceptable there.

For more information contact Maria Lindström to this following numbers; 0708788869 and 031920287. She works on her clinic and even at your workplace together with your co-workers for more fun.

Goodluck! Relax, Be healthy and have massage:) Then you will have a great day!

3 readers digest:

S-H-Y said...

Agoy kalami nlng jd mgpa massage..inig maayo ni akong tahi magpa massage jd ko hehe..

beng said...

I miss going to the Spa and have a massage. Now, I'm green with envy seeing your photo getting that relaxing massage. Ha ha..

Have a great new week ahead Jan!

Dhemz said...

sosyalin man kau...na d me ka afford ana te...maong puli puli lang me ni hubby...lol!

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