25 Apr 2011

Ladies in Black!

My aunt Sarie, ´Me, and my aunt Alicia in a celebration of something, and we're in Black:)
I am very proud and lucky that I have also families here in this strange land. We can always be there for each other and cling to one another when in need. We make sure that we meet each other every now and then, as often as possible. So life here would be easier and happier:)

I think we're chic in black there..hehe. Many loves black wear since it's owner/wearer friendly:) It refrains you from any messes you can have along the way, it makes you smaller than the real fit, it makes you elegant and chic..it loves all colors to fit your attire and situation:)

Have a great week ahead!

6 readers digest:

JennyH said...

women in black... ang saya kasi andiyan mga aunties mo...:)


Lulu said...

that is good na may kadugo ka diha...

Here's my Chic in Black entry: http://lulu-bitz-and-pieces.blogspot.com/2011/04/guess-shirts.html

teJan said...

mao jud..feel so lucky we are 3 here:)

cherry said...

good thing you have relatives there. it can be lonely at times.

mine is up:

Rossel said...

three's a company. look like you have a blast.

carinamodella said...

lovely photo! black dominates my wardrobe...i very much like it because it is easy to match with the other colors and gives an elegant look in an evening wear.

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