6 Apr 2011


It's been a week that I don't have a good sleep due to my little one's situation. She can't sleep because of what she felt inside. There was something going on to her body and many red spots on her skin and itchy! More on this about her on what had happened on monday you can find here.

Anyway, during those nights and days, I became so tired and my eyes can hardly open. Because even if she's sleeping, I still can't sleep even if I was lying down. It was beacuse of worries, thinking what's going on ,on my baby.Yesteday, we finally got a medicine for her and she was checked up and we get informed what was it. I become calm and comforted. So last night I finally had a good sleep to the extent that I over slept that made Laikka late in school.hehe. But it's not a problem if she's late, she can stay late also..hehe. Well, sleeplessness is not always because you are sick or because you have many things to do. It's also a result of worries and thinking so much! I hope everyone has always have enough rest!Good day!

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Beng Gee said...

I understand you. As a typical doting mother, you can never avoid going through those sleepless moments. The wellness of our kids are first in our mind. I hope you are perfectly relaxed now. Take care always!

teJan said...

yes. beng, haay but anyway its better now..thanks:)

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