27 Apr 2011

A loving Mama!

In connection to mother's day, I am doing this story as tribute for my dear mother. And for the hope that it might give blessing and encouragement to all that reads this article.

My mother is a tough woman even of the fact that she was sickly. It seemed all horrible sickness, name it and she HAD it. She's been through life but now remains strong and her secret is that she put her trust in God. She love her children so much and selflessly. She's a fruit of a broken family, the reason she already started working in an early age. Did not have the chance to go to college even of her being so smart and versatile, yes because of the inevitable circumstances in her life. But then made all her children graduated their degree.

She experienced death when she deliver our youngest brother. But God answered her plea and gave her the second chance. ( you can read the full story HERE and her story on what happened HERE).

For all that had happened, when she was given a gift of life it showered to the whole family because she did what he promised that she will bring her whole family in knowing HIM. HE who was and is a giver of life. And one thing that made me look up to her is the fact that during those times when she had a personal encounter with God and asked her what she want??? She answered; "PLEASE,BLESS MY CHILDREN". She had many sickness that was going on in her body, she's been in poverty and had a hard poor life almost all her life, yet she didn't asked about it, her situation, I mean if she's selfish she could have asked.."heal me from all this sickness physically and financially" right??

But she asked the right thing that made God happy and pleased about her hearts desires. God indeed blessed her children to the extent that even healed her sickness. And now live life abundantly. Because God let her children see also her great love to them (us).

Today she live her remaining life in just serving Him and doing things that can please Him. We're living a blessed life, all of us. We were given a perfect partner in life, we have our good education, the degree that we wanted and we all have given an abundant source of living. I am overwhelmed with what God has done to our family. And that because of the unselfish mother we have. A mother that fear God, a loving mama.

Thank You Mama!

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mommy jes said...

aw mga mommies tlga iniisip muna ang kapakanana ng mga anak..ikaw nga ng isang ksabihan...'isusubo na lamang ay ipapakain pa sa anak' tama nga b ang line n ito...pero totoo ito tlga ano? ngyun nararansan n ntin at saka natin mamahalin ang mga magulang ntin ng husto.,

pibyang said...

Aww. We all have great mothers. :)

you can view my entry here:

melandria said...

following you here today.

Jenny Blogger said...

Naiyak ako sa post mo... Missing my mama so much..:)

Vi ses på söndag...

Mel Cole said...

What a brave mom you got there sis. So proud! Happy Mother's day in advance.

SHY said...

Grabeh ang na experienced ng mama mo noh but he stay alive and strong. My mom almost the same experienced except ung death experieced ka takot nmn noon hehe. For mother her child is the first to think about no one else and second for her self. Now I realize how hard to be a mom but also fun. I am thankful because I am not maldita to my mom because I realize what my mom struggle when I was still in her womb until I was born.

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