5 Apr 2011

Shoes Change!

Summer hits on again, Goodbye heavy jackets, goodbye winter boots and all those couple of underpants. Since, during winter it is necessary to have warm wears on us, we will always longing for summer wherein we can already wear sandals, pump shoes , girls and even a comfortable school shoes for us and for our children.

Yes, we do change our clothes and shoes depending on the season. So every change of weather we also change shoes. Since I have a school girl and is very meticulous on the things she's wearing and to wear, or shall I say she already demands what she like, so as a mother I must ask or show her if she likes the shoes everytime we are buying her a new one. It could sometimes irritating when they are nagging you what they want specially if their classmates has a new one, they also want to have. I'm glad I found this site where I found many different styles of girl's canvas shoes and they are so pretty, perfect for summer foot wear. My girl can see and select what she wants just at home, really easier for a working mom.

I'm a kind of mother who tend to spoil my children when it comes to buying things for them. I want them to look pretty as can be on new things they can have. It's maybe the result of my childhood frustrations on things I wanted but had no chance having it. What are you waitinmg for? Check it yourselves!

Try to look this informative video. I never knew there's a right way of fitting shoes until I saw this. I commented as tejan35, check it out!

3 readers digest:

simply kim said...

i love wearing canvas shoes myself, they are very comfy especially when you are walking...

teJan said...

yes..so love wearing canvas shoes too..so comfortable and feet friendly:)

Jenny Blogger said...

I had some pair of canvas shoes way back and I’m very satisfied and comfortable of their shoes. All canvas shoes are really fit my feet... I would love to purchase some soon.

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