17 Oct 2011

Keep Us away from harm!

"Watch and pray for the days are evil"

News here and there, from television, newspaper, radio or internet , there are always bad news and catastrophe! That are general! But personally, I can feel and understand what the Bible advised to us people, to watch and pray for the days are evil.

Our family is experiencing life's crises nowadays, here and there. Many times, it really affects me so much that I can not hold my anger and feelings to somehow poured it out! But then, the evils are so fast. They are in the form of our friends sometimes, trying to judge and point out that what we are doing or saying is not good. Yes, they do not know the real situation thats why, and they are mixing our problems from their own problems..haha! but true friends can just shut their mouth up and lend their ears instead. No further questions, no comments. Thats what I need times like this.

But I know, all of these could happen to remind us, to watch and pray to let God keep us away from all harm and to trust only Him. This is my very prayer now. I've been already in many situation before and I can say from this moment on.. " there is no hopeless case in prayer"! This is the best way in helping me relax and still live happily and makes everyday beautiful inspite of all evilness around!

Dear Lord, Keep Us Away from Harm!In Jesus Name!

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Mel Alarilla said...

Pray this verse, "The Lord will protect us from all evil attacks and will lead us safely to His heavenly kingdom." Seal yourself, your family and loved ones with the blood of Jesus so that you will be protected from all harm. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

teJan said...

Thanks Mel..God bless!

Dhemz said...

Amen, tejan....:) agi ko kadali te...salamat sa visit ug comments...mwah!

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