9 Oct 2011

Serious Violation!

"A woman driver was driving in the middle of the city so calm and peaceful. She drives carefully and in perfect speed with her brand new car! But then suddenly a traffic police stop her for a serious violation! She wonder, what she did that violates the traffic rules while she drives good! The police man said, you should not drive a car without a lamp or with a lights off. Then she was shocked and realized she forgot to put her lights 'on' because she was amused by the different lights glittring and shining in the city! The police said; it doesn't mean you will not put your lights on because there are already so much lights around. Everyone and every car has to run with lights".

In the same way with our life. We are sometimes so busy attending the life of others. Amused or disturbed by their ways of living forgetting that 'we' ourselves, even how brand new and nice and perfect we can look, we have our own life or lights that suppose to be 'on' or work on! Have a blessed sunday everyone!

4 readers digest:

Karla said...

That's a nice story. I agree that sometimes we can be so busy attending to the life of others and forget ourselves in the process. Have a blesses Sunday too. :)

teJan said...

thanks for dropping by Karla! Godbless!

Jona said...

nice insights te! bago mo alisin ang dumi sa iyong mukha, alisin mo muna ang dumi sa iyong sariling mukha :D
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Dhemz said...

I like the whole story tejan...lawom kaau...thanks for sharing!

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