14 Oct 2011

Mr. Storms!

Literally, Philippines are experiencing storms nowadays. Many houses and places were destroyed even farms and poultry gets so affected! And this is not a good thing when you are into it. Many will become homeless and will be experiencing lack of foods and yes hard life! Many have to start all over again but many will be hopless and will be gone astray considering, its a huge tragedy in their lives and living!

In the other hand, lots of people now also experiencing 'storms in life'. Problems,trials and temptations, loss of loveones, relationship crises, economic hardships, when all comes one in the same time, it feels like we can never get up again!

But then as it is being known, storms is not permanent. It always have an end. And the good thing is, every after storms the sun shines. It portrays, new bright day, new bright life and a new hope! I'm just wishing everyone whatever storms you are in, don't let that Mr. Storms ruin you in knock down. He was programmed though strong but not permanent . Get up and embrace the new day! Godbless!

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kim said...

i can SO RELATE to that.. storms in life :(

by the way, do you mind checking out on The Story Teller?

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