24 Oct 2011

Real Taste!

Every time my husband bake a bread for us, I don't like to put many things on it like cheese, salad, sandwich spread like what my husband do usually to his bread, why because I don't want to take away the real taste of the bread mixing up the taste of those spread.

In the same way, there are things in life that is better to leave as it is simply the original than putting or adding things for flavors or enhancement..in the end, it will just complicate the real taste and the real one! Live simply, Be true!

3 readers digest:

RicAdeMus said...

Yum! The bread I find in the grocery store would never be called "the staff of life" like the good, old-time, homemade breads were.

Janet said...


Rick why can't i no longer access your post comments?

GeoLis said...

I like the real taste too, simple but healthy. Cheese and lots of sugar is not good for our health. BTW, I've been following your blog, can you follow mine too? TC and God bless.

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