31 Mar 2010


Whew! summer time is coming up. Time when we can do lots of things. Many activities that we already miss doing during other season. Like outdoor activities and outdoor games. It was but already boring having so long winter and extra ordinary cold we had this season. That's why we here always wishing the summer to come, the sun to show up and to get rid of these lots and heavy clothes on us:)

But this week, bright day every morning welcomes us already. And just last sunday we already change our time into summer time and cars already changing into summer wheels. Oh well, its so good to feel. And of course sports news announcing different games here and there like baseball, softball and basketball! Popular teams and players are already on the go. Then sports betting again will be the talk of the town.

I was fond about it before, when I was still in philippines with my friends, we bet who will be the champion on the season's basketball famous team. And who among players will rise. But then when I get here..things became the opposite of everything I was used to. hehe. But I'm so happy to find this Sports betting online where they shared the hows and what. Techniques and styles and lots of information about it. My interests came back and the want of doing it again is revived! Wanna join?

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