4 Mar 2010

Be safe, Have Car Insurance!

Way back 2005, in Philippines we had this jeepney:) The only service we had before thats why when my husband and my aunt's family visited philippines for our wedding, this jeepney was so busy taking the group to anywhere in our local place! They like it even if no aircon just the natural aircon in and out..hhehe..its open so it works anyway! They are not so particular on comfortabilty and the looks as long as it has car insurance then they'll feel safe. Safety and insurance are very important to them so that will be their first question everytime and the rest is negotiable:) They can adopt it.

One funny and exciting experienced we had with this car was when we got flattire in the middle of nowhere. hahha! One of the tourist spot in my place Ormoc is the LAKE DANAO. Its a beautiful and cool place but its located in the middle of the forest..hahha! The road is rugged and only few houses on the way. We were even warned before to watch out and just take an extra care specially we have foreigners with us! There's a tendency of ambush and the like! But even so, the swedish people were not afraid about it, they really want to go there because as they saw in the internet its quite calm and nature-view so fine! So the day after our wedding before they left ormoc, we brought them to that place! It was fun in going there, they were happy and satisfied on what we got and witnessed. But then on our way home ( good that we were already going home:) the car tire surrender..lol! Waaaa... it was so hot and no houses or people around who can help our guys. So, our husbands helped. My brothers really appreciate how cowboy they are! We arrived home safely anyway:)

Hmmm..its fun to look back:) Those memories helps my spirit revive again! Have a great day everyone!

5 readers digest:

Carmen Araneta said...

Hmmm...Lake Danao looks so peaceful!

RicAdeMus said...

That's a great paint job!

Did the husbands help change the tire or did they push that baby all the way home? =)

teJan said...

Hhahah.. that place where we got flat tire still far a way home. Yah, they help push it but just to placed it in a good place where they can change tire..they too helps changing the tire!

I actually was looking on the picture when they push but I think it was not taken coz I didn't find one!

maritz said...

lovely shot jan..

♥Willa♥ said...

your post reminded me,it's time to pay our insurance this week. :)

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