19 Mar 2010

Bedtime Habits:) on CC!

Oh..sorry just post my Couple's Corner today..Been so lazy this past few days and my mind was just packed up with so many things that results into becoming a sleepy head:) hahah.
Rodliz’s Nest

Well, this weeks topic is about bedtime habits. We are fond of playing with our little girl when the three of us are on the bed since she's still love to sleep with us from time to time! Me and my husband are both night person. We sleep so late and before going to bed if not watching a movie together we are on our particular computer and in to our particular thinge. But then the daughter must sleep early so she'll grow longer than me at least..lol. Anyhow, when she's on the bed she always want us to be with her until she sleeps. We can get up anyway when she already fall asleep if we want to.
She usually let me read 1 or 2 books but when she still not sleepy after the 2 books, she want to play, cuddle, and tickling each other until she feel tired and fall asleep. But when she's sleeping at our sofa or to her own bed, and when me and my hubby alone at our bed we usually just hugging while chatting about everything that happens during the day and about latest news:) Like about my family in Philippines, about plans, or about something special that happened. One habit he always want me to do during bed time is to scratch his back..heheh. And me, not always just most of the time during winter, I want him to put effecacient oil on my back down to my legs. I can sleep well with its warm.

Well, thats all maybe for this topic! Until next time! Happy CC!

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Mommy Liz said...

A very nice bedtime routine for the whole family. Wow, I should try Efficascent oil, nakakapag painit pala yan, lamigin ako sa gabi eh, kaya lagi akong nakapajama. Si Rodney rin madalas magpakamot, at kapag minsan nagpapamasahe mula ulo gang paa. Kakangawit ng mga braso ko.

Thanks for joining this week. See you again.

analou said...

You have such a wonderful family Jan. Like yours, when me and my hubby went to bed at the same time, we always talk just about anything. It feels great and makes our bonding with our spouses closer. Have a nice day Jan and take care.

teJan said...

hahhaha... galing pa pinas yang efficascent ko mommy liz kasi wala dito. Generatioanal kaya namin yan..as in mula noon hanggang ngayon..heheh!

@analou..yap you are right communication with your partner must not be taken for granted. Its one good thing to open up everything!

admin said...

aww! so sweet bedtime pic.

i've been wanting to join this meme pero hanggang pangarap na lang yun, hahaha!

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