30 Mar 2010

Something New!

Iv'e been waiting for my mother to be online this morning because I suppose to ask her about the recipe I know she's good at. But she didn't until tonight. We just finish talking and she told me why she was not able to reply my text message and therefore didn't open the computer.

They have been in the motorcycle store and just purchased the new motorcycle that my brother wanted. Since our old motorclycle already over used and shall I say became a public utility..hehe because almost everyone on our village borrows and use it. And the fact that its already quite so old..almost 8years old. So, he thought its time to buy his personal and new one. Eveything they fixed before they went home. Like the liscense, temporary insurance, and some important papers. And they came home with the new motorcycle.

It was my husband who suggests the color when we were still talking about it and planning:) I like it too! So, am happy knowing that this is the one they took. Well, dear brother, congrats and take care. Always take safety measures:) In everything you do, do it for the glory of God! Praise Him in everything you've got!

3 readers digest:

Lulu Post said...

nice jud na naa motor sa pinas kay lami pasirit sirit hehehe.... agoy since public vehicle na inyong old motor if muadto ko pahuwama ko ha hehehe

S-H-Y said...

congrats sa imong bro, may pa mo chege palit2 hihi..

analou said...

Very nice motorcycle Jan. I love the color. How are you Jan?

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