4 Mar 2010

HONESTY... the best policy??? on CC!

Weee... I'm back to business! I felt strange this past few days... as in I don't want to visit my computer..hahhah! yap, its strange! Anyway, I already started this CC last wednesday but I was not able to finish it due to nothingness!!! hahah!

Rodliz’s Nest

Well, this weeks topic is "Honesty the best Policy:)" Are we honest enough? Is our husband really honest with us? For me, honesty is a good thing. But this is not our best policy as a couple:) or as a family as a whole! Honesty for me is negotiable. Like what others said that "when we or our partner don't tell everything doesn't mean we or they are not being honest, its just...it's not that important! (and many more reasons...hehe)" My own view is, when we apply this to husband and wife relationship, it will just lead to doubt and prejudice!

I rather say that ACCEPTANCE is our best policy as a couple. And this will surely leads to honesty! Once we know that our partner accepts us whatever we were in our past and we can be in the future and in return we show that we accept their past, present and future then.., honesty will be automatic, why? because we know that acceptance is being built and well-nurtured! So, why not tell everything??? (eller hur)? Acceptance leads to open-mindedness and understanding!

On HONESTY in the other hand, there's a tendency that each one will just be honest on the things that is acceptable. And when something untold and hidden burst out... imagine what what can happen:) Frustration.." all these years we promise ourselves to be honest but why???" heheh, this drama will appear! heartaches and the trust will be broken.

Psychologically speaking, one cannot tell something and consider it to not important therefore better to keep it themselves is because he or she himself cannot or did not accept the idea that its something to put into the open because it might affect their relationship. OR he,she himself cannot accept himself that he is like that or had done that. How can he be honest on something he knows his partner cannot accept (this he don't know) but because he himself cannot accept him he will think how much more his partner. But if acceptance is develop and on the relationship every secrets and mistakes we do will be easy to tell. Because we know, another level of acceptance will be develop.

Ussch! I'm almost leading you to complication..I hope not! This is just my own INSIGHTS...heheh! I want to discuss more about this with a situational illustration but it will be long! Maybe I will take this topic again someday..hahah! Happy CC everyone!

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Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Acceptance is different from honesty. We accept a person for who or what he is. But it is dependent on a person how honest he or she must be to his/her partner. The best course of action here is to rely on our conscience. If our conscience tells us that what we did was morally wrong, then by all means, we have to confess this to our spouse. Failure to do this will only leave us with a guilty conscience which will surely bother our relationship with our spouse. A small sin or lie even a so called white lie will lead on to more and bigger sin or lie and before we know it we are already committing a full blown sin. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

Mommy Liz said...

Ano raw? Hehehe! Thanks for joining this week's Couple's Corner although minsann eh wala ka sa mood mag computer.

well, kanya kanya namang preference ang bawat copules di ba? kung sa inyo eh Acceptance is the best policy, then so be it. Tama ka naman dun, na once we accept them for who and what they are, past, present, future wise, then whatever they tell us, we can accept. MInsan kasi may mga things din na hindi na dapat pang sabihin lalo kung makakasakit sa isa't isa, but..how can you accept someone that won't tell you everything. Hay kakalito noh? hahaha! Life is puzzling me, pero I love it.

Take care. Musta na si Laikka? Kelan ka na nga due?

teJan said...

hahhah... I love it too liz kahit nalilito din..hahah!

@Mel, thanks, yap hmmm I want more (brutal) reactions..hahah para bibo! ganahan nasad ko mag puter ani! wahahahah! Thanks guys!

Carmen Araneta said...

Marriage is built on relationship. You get closer as you live your life together-- forgiving one another's faults, encouraging and strengthening one another, helping and lifting one another in weakness. Communication is the key to any relationship-- with husband and wife, and with God whom the married couple has a covenant with.

chubskulit said...

Wow very philosophical hehehe... Nagpaparamdam lang sis..

RicAdeMus said...

Last weekend I discovered my wife was hiding something from me...she had even lied about it. I didn't think she would ever do anything like that. It made me angry, disappointed and sad.

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