17 Feb 2010

Aaaaaaaagh! Hulp!!!

"Science is a systematic arrangement of branch of knowledge based on fundamental truth!" waah, almost correct, but this was my difinition 25years ago. And Atom? what is atom? " atom (mota) is the smallest particles in the eyes" lol! "Mura man kag molekyul" " Here comes Ms. "push and pull" hahahha...These are our jokes when I was in highschool. But promise, I was called "the little chemist" that time when I got it perfect our egg experiment!

How about this time???? aaaaahhhg! Actually, I tried studying right now on my Science subject and I just get frustrated because I completely forgot everything!Even the Periodic Table. Nothing, nothing, nothing registered in my mind specially its on swedish, The terms are completely different! I tried to review in english through wikipedia, still I can't understand when I go back into swedish translation. Haaay! Hulp!

We have no classes this whole week but I have lots of home work on every subjects! The week is almost over, nothing even one did I accomplish! In History..back to Ancient Times..hallo Mr. Constantinople will you help me? huh! And the other Major subject I have which is the most important one is litterature. Back again to "Ilead and Oddessey" but in swedish! Wew!
" I will lift mine eyes to the hill from whence my help will come..."

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k said...

wahahahaha.........hasta nakong katawa nimo sa definition sa "atom" "mota" nimo Jan...something new ni sa ako..hhaha..well, ngano bitaw eskwela eskwela diha nga kabalo ka nga lahi na sila ug lenguahe hahaha joke lang..hehe

yakang-yaka na nimo Jan...

anyway, kinsa diay ng Maxi jan kay ingon shy, naa pod daw diri sa davao karon...ask si shy sa imo ug number ni Maxi daw..

anyway, wa pa jud nako na post amo date ni shy kay ako camera dili ma transfer sa comp ang pics..ako pa ning ipa check sa cannon service center..

ayo ayo diha sa schooling, ayaw pamayabas...nyahaha

she be the evilsquirrel01 said...

Enjoy your 1 week vacation!

she be the evilsquirrel01 said...

enjoy your 1 week vacation!

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Mahirap nga magaral kung Swedish ang medium of instruction nyo sa school. Napakalaking disadvantage sa iyo yan. Wala bang class diyan na English ang medium of instruction? Kailangan sigurong masterin mo yung Swedish language para magka fighting chance ka sa school, lol. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

analou said...

Science was not my favorite subject when I was in high school but I got good grades because I have a good memory at that time. Karon? ambot lang kahat dili na nako mahinomdoman ang akong nakat-onan sa high school. Parehas ta dane Jan.

teJan said...

am so stupid..na click nako ang reject instead sa publish when I moderated comments, but here's from Dhemz...http://demcyapdiandias.blogspot.com/

ayay! naa diay kay vacay tejan...ehehehe! waaaaa.....I love periodic table...my fave subject when I was in 3rd year college.....:)

I took chemistry last year....nge, lisod kaau...ahhaha...mabuang ko...sayon ra mag memo sa periodic table....pero lisod ko sa problems...lol!

good luck sa imo tejan..am sure kaya kaau na nimo woi!

teJan said...

And here's one from my dear friend,

Bangchik has left a new comment on your post "Aaaaaaaagh! Hulp!!!":

Things we know, learn and memorize are there always, hidden at the back of our mind. I don't think they ever got deleted as in the computer. They stay dormant as most plants will during the stretch of freezing winter. The reason must be strong enough to tickle the hidden memories... haha.. That's what i think. ~bangchik

teJan said...

Thank you so much guys... and sorry to my dear two friends! Your comments atleast really counts with sense and are helpful!!! godbless!

Mama Ko said...

Aguy ma jologs ko sa imung post jan, pwedi mag P>E lang ta pirmi teacher, kapoy baya anang science, math ug uban pa.

admin said...

I can only recall one word from my science class before in which I can define with maximum confidence... ENERGY!

E-NER-GY - is the capacity to do work. (HAHAHA!)

hay, kaloka ang subject na yan..kaya ayoko ng balikan :D

Lulu said...

nia na.. ngano laging ni enter! wahahaha

sige padayon lang diha jan basin mamorize na nimona periodic table aho unya ka tawagan ug kinahanglan ko ug kinahnglang tabang si andrea sa periodic table hehehe

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