4 Feb 2010

Huge Furniture!

As I was cleaning my laptop's gallery like deleting pictures that are not so important or already used I happened to find this picture of my husband with our very helpful neighbor and a friend. I remember I haven't posted this yet as my thanksgiving to them!
This was during the time when our new soffa arrived and only two of them tried to get them up in our apartment which is unfortunately on the third floor. I was being reminded to post this happenings because I think they deserves my compliment and gratitude:) I know its not easy to carry up and down those huge European furniture even much bigger than they are:) Imagine they had to bring down the old soffa and bring the new one up!

Hehe, look at them, really looks so tired. They took a little rest thinking that there's still one more to go and bigger! And one memorable happening that time was that my husband fell down from 3 steps more to the ground while carrying our old soffa to the basement! He was maybe so tired already. The soffa fall down on his stomach and he got some pain and bruises on his butt and of course on stomach! Poor hubby:i

All my thanks to you guys!!! You are great! Specially to our friend who helped my husband. Your labor will not be in vain. Its really good to have friends!!! Godbless!

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