9 Feb 2010

The heart of the HOME!

I consider our bedroom as the heart of our home because its where we can take rest, the place at home where I can calm down and relax after the whole day's errands! Yesterday, we visited a friend's new bought house and she showed us every corner of their house, from attic to the garage:) It was nicely arrange specially their bedroom. The bed in the center and a bedroom vanity at the corner. Wow! It really looks great and I want to lie down direct and sleep..heheh! It makes me ponder about our bedroom. I must do something with it more marvelous to stay in.

When I came home, I look on sites who are offering for home furnishings, vanities specially cause it makes our room elegant and more cosy. Not only that, its also a good keepers on our important things like watches and jewelries like my timex ironman watch will be safer when not in use:) I am lucky to find this site that really makes sense. They have everything for home and even other things that we might be needing for the whole family. Am so amazed they have toddler car seat, since my little girl is getting bigger and bigger , her car seat is already too small for her. And we are actually looking for a bigger one and so amazing to see here where every sizes is available in different styles, color, comfortability and a very affordable prices.

And looking for a cheaper ralph lauren sneakers, or a Jessica Simpson Clancey Boots? Yes, they have and offering big,big discounts! Actually, I found here almost everything that I was looking for these days. And I'm so happy to find this site. You guys can also check them out! You might find there just the thing you wanted! Goodluck!

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RicAdeMus said...

Don't tell my wife, but I almost never notice our bedroom. Either I am sleeping or rushing to get dressed. Last year I asked when she bought a picture that is on our bedroom wall. I thought it was new. She claimed we have had it since the day we were married. I think she was pretending!!! =)

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