21 Feb 2010

Enjoying the sun and snow!!!

I was not able to went out yesterday, saturday...yes I did maybe 2minutes outside, I suppose to go to the library to get my reserved book, then went back inside because just the time I went out from the main door of our apartment, snow storm met me and I was like blown away..almost:) So I went up again and decided to just stay home that day! When my darlings came home, (they were at Laikka's classmate's birthday party), my husband said that almost all busses and trains stops and cannot travel because of the hard snow.

But today...wow! the sun shines and it's a good weather even if the snow are so thick! So, we thought its good to go out and enjoy the sun and snow outside. So, right after our brunch, I look and took out my winter pants while my husband was fixing and putting up the Dining Room Tables we just got from our friend last weekend. So, when everything were done and ready, we went out to have a family bonding around our snowy sorrounding!

Oh, we had really fun. It was one of our best time this season. I believe, our reactions on everything that are happening is just a state of the mind! If we think its hard and boring weather with so much snow then it can be, but if we make it or do something great out of it, then it will be! Whatever the season is if you just want to enjoy the moment then it will be great!!!

Have a great week ahead everyone!

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Dhemz said...

ay ang saya-saya! ka cute ninyo tjan...love the photos...thanks for sharing!

abunda man kaau ang snow ninyo diha woi...dire twon nga init naman kaau....lol!

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Wow very ironic talaga na habang kayo ay ginaw na ginaw sa kapal nang yelo dyan, kami naman dito sa Pinas ay parang sinisilaban sa init nang panahon. Hindi lang basta mainit, natutuyo na ang mga tubig sa dams, irrigation canals at rivers. Matindi na rin ang drought sa northern Luzon lalo na sa Isabela at umaabot na sa billions of pesos ang pinsala sa mga pananim at livestocks. Pati sa mga ilog ay nagkakaroon na nang fish kill at me rotating brownouts na sa Mindanao. Kaya padala mo na lang dito sa Pinas yung tone toneladang yelo ninyo dyan, lol. Masarap sana kung may pera at makapagbababad ka sa malls o sa mga five star hotels para sa weekend stay o makapunta sa mga beaches dito sa atin. Pero kung walang pera ay magkasya na lamang sa ice candy at dirty ice cream, hehehe, lol. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

Anonymous said...

wow... nice photos tjan... ang cu cute ninyo...:)

Mommy Liz said...

Wow! ang daming snow! dito sa amin, wala...nag snow nang sobrang konti, but that's about it.

Seiko said...

I agree,Happiness is just a state of mind & it really depends more on one's disposition and outlook in life...I'm glad you & your family had so much fun at inenjoy n'yo ang snow.Love the photos especially the heart shape you made.:D God Bless you & your family as well!

analou said...

Wow that snow is so thick...grrrrrrr.....I don't know if I am able to survive living in a place that snows a lot Jan. Here in LA we have no snow and even during summer I still feel cold even if it's more than 70 degrees farenheit. I like snow but......tugnaw au..Musta na dear friend? Thanks for your visit lage ha.

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