20 Feb 2010

More Capital!

I'm always excited when its saturday, not only because its free from work and everything but also because its our time talking with my family accross the mile through the net. It's so heartwarming for me to see them and talk to them and share everything what's going on with me/us here and they also share the happenings in their lives there in Philippines! Even sometimes what we shared to each other are problems but its okay, its good to know and help each other.

Today I'm happy to talk with my brother. He always been so busy attending his business so its so rare to catch him sitting on his computer to chat. Glad we had a chance today. We talked many things, coping up. Primarily was about his business:) This topic actually is always present everytime. I mean every conversation we have will always end up with his construction projects! Since, election in Philippines is fast approaching, people in politics already doing many things to show their capabilities..heheh. And of course those who are presently sitting in power now are doing many projects. Putting up different construction on their baraggays. Projects wherein my brother got in and really good on his business. He said there are suppose many projects but what he lacks is "capital" He is out of it, what they have is not enough. If only there's somebody who can Finance then it would be great! We will see if we can help him.

Another thing we discussed was about our younger brother getting married this year! Oh, he is our dear brother so we want to do something great for him. We did some planning, gathering suggestions and hopefully it will be successful! After talking with them it feels like many burdens lightened hahha! Oh! No greater joy than the joy shared with family.

Happy weekend everyone!

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Wengss said...

sarap pagmay capital Tejan hehe. dali ra kaayo ma accomplished pag sakto lang capital diba?
the good thing dahil may work ka..so everything would be possible

Bangchik said...

It is always true about lightening burden by talking to friends and relatives.. Good luck to the forthcoming wedding. ~bangchik

teJan said...

mao jud weng..haay magdilang anghel ka sana weng, uyou know we always want to help but kabalo naka nato sad dinhi sa sweden nga perti ka mga mahal then ila lifestyle kay di ma bangbang...hahahah! thanks!

Liza said...

HI Tejan! Good luck on your brother's wedding. Will you be coming home to attend?

Have a great weekend!

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RicAdeMus said...

I always wanted to have that kind of relationship with my brothers and sisters, but they don't....so we don't.

I'm happy for you! =)

RicAdeMus said...

Except for that one teasing post when I joked about building a diamond mine in my kitchen, all of my stories are from my real life. No fiction! My wife reads my blog and she would never let me exaggerate about anything. =)

reanaclaire said...

hi.. coming by via Wengs' blog..

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