6 Feb 2010

HOmE sweet HOME!!!

After a long week this past week , me and my husband got a very good massage yesterday together with my aunt and her husband! Since we had and still have a hard snow these past days, I thought I could no longer make it until friday! I was already dead tired last wednesday, I got body pains and mentally drained.Huh, I don't want to go outside anymore, but I had to and thank God I made it! I got a long sleep last night and don't want to go away from home this weekend..just want to be home, cleaning and fixing at home, time with my girl and just resting!

Since, I don't need to hurry up, I get up on bed at 10am, do some laundry then I helped my daughter cleaning up her messy room:) Then I fixed a good BRunch which is friend rice with fried egg (sunny side up). We usually eat just bread for breakfast and I don't need to do anything. But I'm pure housewife today so its good to have a little change:) I really love times like this:)

After eating we do some house cleaning then while my husband was doing his hair, I also clip my daughters hair as I promised her yesterday. She's been complaining that she could no longer see because her hair covers her eyes:) See the haircutting on her site:)
Happy weekend!! Its refreshing to be just home once in a while:)

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analou said...

It is really hard to do some work outside our house if its too cold. Our body just felt weak and lying on bed or just be lazy feels really good. I say this my friend because it happens to me many, many times. How are you today?

teJan said...

yah..this weather makes us lazy and weak! heheh! We are fine Lou, fighting the snow everyday..hahahha! Hope you are too my friend!

Lulu said...

wow massage!!!! I miss it for sure!

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

When the weather is so called and it is snowing hard outside your house, it is practical and advisable to just stay at home and do some household chores. Nakakatamad talaga lumabas kung malakas ang snow fall sa labas. You all seem to enjoy your unscheduled holiday at home, lol. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

shydub said...

You need that massage inahan aron huwasan ang pamaul, aguy naa pa mga snow nga wala pa mahilis atak naning atong gi anhi sa manilhig ug snow lol.

Samut kakapoy imu workjan ky tulod mn d i ka sa stroller ni laikka aguy, good exercise buffy na nya ka ug bukton puhon mura nag gym.

David Funk said...

The weather here is supposed to be warmer without as much snow, but it has been active which means I haven't gone to do as much either. It does limit what you can do for sure.

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