10 May 2011

The question that I couldn't answer anymore!

My husband been asking me lately, " What you want for mothers day honey?" I can't answer but I keep on thinking what it might be.

One night, we were sitting down in front of the television, when I blurted out words without thinking, as in it just came out from my mouth. " I know what I want from you on Mother's day honey". Waaahh, I really love his reaction, smiling and turn to me with excitement; "what is it"? I was blown up with that reaction and question that made me just glad and asking him, why that reaction? He said because I have two weeks more to buy it! (mothers day here in Sweden will be this last sunday of this month).

Hmm..I was maybe shock that I was not able to answer..again. But instead in my mind I was asking myself, yeah, what more do I need? I didn't answer because I really cannot think of something. Then I realized, I already have everything that I couldn't ask for more from him! I now realized how empty I was before but now is filled! Little by little he is filling it up with that question, but now I cannot answer it anymore! (teary eyed mode) tears of gladness just flow.

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analou said...

That was also my reaction when my husband as me what more I want. One thing really what I want is that one of this day my husband will change his mind that we could stay and live in the Philippines for good.

Advance Happy Mother's Day sa imoha Jan (Sweden)..

Mel Alarilla said...

Yes, it's great to realize that your hubby has succeeded in filling your life whereas before you felt empty. It is not only the material gifts but the love and caring he showered you. He is indeed a blessing straight from the Lord. Thanks for the poignant post. God bless you all always.

teJan said...

Wow at analou..you really want to live in Philippines for good??? heheh. that's great but strange for me.hehe! yap goodluck mah friend!

teJan said...

Mel, yap he really a gift, an answered prayers to all my prayer requests..hheheh!thanks

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