17 May 2011

Its a matter of asking!

When you need something or you have wants in life, who don't, right? Well, I think to have those are just a matter of asking. It's how you ask for it. Given a situation; when you want so much on shoes, don't just ask for a shoe, ask for a shoemaker or an owner of a shoe store..hehehe.

I remember when I was still single and studying in college where every girls must have something precious on them and where the pressure of rivalry was there, I happened to really own a gold ring with stone on it. And because I have 2 aunts abroad, I thought they surely can give me that without thinking how their situation were. I told them that i would not ask anything from packages they're sending but when you guys will go home I want that ring bought abroad as your present.

And then true..when they went home, they brought me a MAN who gave me many kinds of ring that I wanted. Wedding ring, college ring (yes he did pay my college ring) , ring with my birthstone on it... except suffeRING because I don't need that and thats the ring he can't give:)


4 readers digest:

Soulful said...

right you are, just like what the scripture says 'ask and it shall be given to you..'

teJan said...

uu and then, be wise in asking;)

diaper days said...

wonder, how do you mean be wise in asking? when it comes to asking, I am a bit shy of it. I want somebody to realize or understand that I want something but like my husband said " he can´t read my mind " but sometimes I wonder do we really need to ask??

teJan said...

as I said in the first paragraph on my post.. kng mahilig ka shoes..pangayo ni Lord ug magpalitay or manghatagay sa shoes, dili lang shoes imo pangayoon ang provider na para di na ta segi pangayo..wahahaah!

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