26 May 2011

CC: Me as a sister/friend!

I'm the best sister because I'm the only sister they got! hahaha! I will no longer ask my hubby about this, he will surely agree what I'm going to say here:)
Like what I've said, I've a got a beautiful family, I can brag about that. We are all best friends. I'm the only sister they got, and small but I own their respect! We treat each other as buddies. I'm the kind of sister and yes I'm their big sister that is cool and respect them too. I'm a little boosy but just gaining and reminding them that I'm the older one...hehe. Even if I'm the only sister they got, I didn't experienced the 'over protection drama from brothers' effect. You know what I'm saying? like 'my' guys were afraid of them, specially we're from the province?:) No, I managed to show them that I can handle myself right. And it feels so good hearing them " Manang, knows what she's doing:)"
Well, I can say that I became their role model in finding the right woman for them. When my big little brother introduced his wife to us, he said; "she's a version of 'manang'(me) in attitude:) hehe not the beauty???? joke? And the second brother I remember, he's looking for a wife like me in some way:) hehe. Well, I think they got the right women for them because I really can see 'me' in their wives in some aspects specially their beauties..lol!
These are my sisters-in -law. They are apparently my little sisters I didn't have halv of my life.
Well, as friend, I tend to treat them as my sisters when they're already close maybe because I had no sisters?
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Jenny Blogger said...

Kaya nga sila pumili ng ganyan kagagandang wife kasi maganda ate nila eh...kanino din ba sila nagmana ng pagpili ng magandang partner eh di sayo din kasi gwapo naman husband mo..hehehe

Wala ako masabi sayo being a sister kasi i know how good sister you are and being a friend ahay wala din ako masabi kasi friend kita eh...kumbaga all good talaga lahat...:)

Laikka said...

ahehehh..thanks Jenny mah friend, makahilak man sad ta ana nga comment oi! heheh!

Mommy Liz said...

Aba! at ikaw ang naging role model ng mga kapatid mo paghanap ng wives nila. You must really be a great sister to them. Pati ang beauty mo, naghanap din sila ng maganda..Oh di ba? I guess, you and your brothers are truly best of friends. Lucky you.

As a friend, you are a great one also to treat them as your sisters. Your friends can be the sisters that you never had..

Dhemz said...

sweeeet....ikaw man diay ang ate nang bayan...ehehhee...ako kay na squeezed man ko between the two guys...daghan me drama sa una woi...bisan taklob sa kaldero molupad...ahahhaa!

lina@happy family said...

You became a role model for your brothers to find the right women for them? Wow, I'm amazed with you!

teJan said...

@dhemz, mao man..hehe, naa man uban nako mga suitors sa una nga hadlok because of my brothers but dili man mnghilabot ako mga bro oi..hehe..but kasagaran na sa usa ra ka girl around brothers..hehe

teJan said...

@liz, hahha..mga maganda yon sila mas maganda sa attitude talaga siguro at saka my perception in life yon ang gusto nila..at nahanap..hehe!

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