24 May 2011

Unique Birth Announcements, Birthday Invites, and Christmas Cards

Vibrant and fresh announcements, invitations, and greeting cards are now available. Keeping Me Posted stands above all of the competition. The site has the most creative designs and tools to help you create the final product in a few easy steps. The incomparable personalization tools make it easy to upload your favorite pictures from Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, and SmugMug. An abundance of designs fill the website’s galleries. Customization tools can change the font style, color, and size. Change your photo from color to black and white or sepia with these same tools. Preview your masterpiece for free before you buy it. If you need another design, Keeping Me Posted will make you a special one at no extra cost. The cards will be sent to you after being printed on top-quality thick matte paper. HP Indigo printing presses are the tools of choice. Keeping Me Posted does quality checks during the design and printing stages, which results in a great work of art. Visit Keeping Me Posted at www.keepingmeposted.com so you can tell the world about that special day.

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