19 Mar 2011

Having time for ourselves!

Lately, me and my hubby had been busy from anything or everything. The adjustments for our new member of the family, coping up on our economic situation, me being in the state of hormonal changes. Plus, almost all our conversations were about our short term and long term plans, but we didn't realize that we have no more time for ourselves. Mentally we are torturing ourselves to focus on the 'kingdom forgetting the king'. I mean we forgot who and what is more important.
My favorite food in the retaurant I chose:)
Good we sense it right away. So, yesterday after his work my husband told me that he missed going out to eat which we usually do before. Then I realized thats what I missed too, so we did and we had a nice time together with our children. Unwinding from everything we've been through for the past weeks.
Don't be missed up with anything important here on earth. Our family and the relationship and quality time together is more important and the other things will just followed. Have a great weekend everyone!

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analou said...

You are right Jan. Eventhough we are always with our family every single day but it is nice indeed to go out and unwind once in awhile. Iyon din kasi ang ginawa namin ng hubby ko to make our bond stronger.

Have a nice weekend Jan.

RicAdeMus said...

SO true, family time suffers when we're busy, but it's important to make time for it.

I added Highlights to my blogroll, but it won't show up. I'll try again.

teJan said...

Yes analou we sometimes being misled by out plans and programs:)

ok Rick take your time:)

GAGAY said...

yay!!! yummy looking fooduuuuums! great for u to have time with your fam te jan!!!

btw, te jan, paadd ko please ang personal blog ko..thanks!!!

I am...but GAGAY.
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Mel Alarilla said...

Yes, there must always be time for quality bonding with our family. That is the reason why we strive so hard. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

Mommy Trish said...

it looks like you enjoyed your bonding time with your family. thanks for visiting! :)

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