3 Mar 2011

Internet Problem!

I was irritated yesterday with our internet because it just collapsed as in I was disconnected in the middle of working online. I am working on my own domain and while buying and filling up some important information my internet just didn't work and I'm done and annoyed! I freaked out! I'm so excited about making my own domain since many advertisers, ppc services, and other online business are looking for customized domain. And so I checked what happen but didn't had an idea how and why. So, to the rescue, calling my husband was the best shot. So he instructed me what to do and tried to restart the modem. Well, my iphone and our family computer works after I did it but my laptops still nothing. Uhhh! wondered!

When my husband arrived home he checked and found out that I happened to off our wireless internet connection while I restart the modem. Oh well, sometimes it happens. And I realized that without internet or computers, our day becomes empty or lacking something..hehe! I'm happy now I did finished the said domain I was working on. Just waiting for a right time to put it on into the bloggers world:)

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RicAdeMus said...

I'm glad you got it fixed, that's so annoying. Our router died last fall and it took a few days to get a new one. At first it was weird not being able to get on-line, but I started to get used to it by the time it was fixed.

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