17 Mar 2011

In remembrance of...

Mostly if not all would like to have something to keep in remembrance of something great done. Also for example if we have been in places which we knew its just a chance of a lifetime, we should have something from that place in remembrance that once upon a time we were there. Even from someone whom in one season of time we've been together but then time comes that we should have our separate ways.., yes, we usually give each other something for keeps. Though little it doesn't matter as long as it will remind you of her/him.

In my case, I always see to it I can buy something from those places which I thought, I can only be there once. And if given a chance for second time then its already a bonus atleast I already have a remembrance from there incase.
This is my pretty watch I bought from Paris with love during our trip last summer..heheh. I love it and since I always wear it everyday, It reminds me that once in a summer time I have been in Paris:)

And this bag? was my dream bag, and I found this in Hongkong. So I bought this atleast I have also something from Hongkong:) If I will be given a second chance to visit there again, I promised myself to buy few bags. The reason is secret:) hehe.

Oh I always have something from every place I visited but I will just share this two. How about you? Do you think its a good idea to have something in remebrance of every places you have been?

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Ishmael Fischer Ahab said...

Wow naman. Ang gaganda ng mga items na iyan.

For me, when I go to different places, I take photos (for my blog) and buy little things that I can keep as souvenir.

teJan said...

weee..thats the term i was looking for while I'm doing my post..heheh "souvenir".. thanks ish..hehe. yap its good to have and takenote photos for me is given... i can't without:)

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