24 Mar 2011

More than Conquerors!

This is a tribute to my cousin who just graduated her BSCA yesterday. Our congratulations and prayers be upon her.
After four years of sleepless nights and daily ramblings finally graduation day pays it all. I know, during those years while still in school has been tough and full of stress and pressures. Exams, research papers, reports, and much more school works and readings..all these are not easy. And as students who just depending from kind supports financially has more pressure in everyway but anyway thankful that there are somebody who are willing to share their blessings. And therefore when they finally have their black toga on, that day they'll feel that they conquered all. They are conquerors! And so my congratulations to them.

My aunt Alicia and me were helping her support financially,thats all we can do, everything other than that were from her deligent work to press on towards her goal. But as a part of her success, we, her parents and families, even friends who's been helping her in some other way, WE ARE MORE THAN CONQUERORS! We are so happy and proud about her. It feels good seeing and knowing your help was not in vain. Seeing her succeed paid everything.

So Aileen, as I've said graduation day is not the end instead a new start and a new beginning of the great task ahead of you! Just keep up the good work and remember always to look UP when you are DOWN. In behalf of all of us here accross the mile, our big congratulations to you! You are assured in my prayers always!God Loves You So Do I (GLYSDI).

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RicAdeMus said...

Congratulations to Aileen, I know she must have worked hard. I've always liked the name "Aileen", I've only known one person with that name.

Laikka said...

yap she deserves it:) Thanks Rick..hmmm, makes me wonder about your aileen:)

Dhemz said...

awwwwww...ka sweet sa insan..nice man kau ug tribute...congratulations to her!

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