1 Mar 2011

Out of boredom!

Sometimes when its so tiresome to go out specially when the weather is not so good, we better or choose to stay home even how boring it can be.
But as an active person, we cannot just stay and sit infront of the TV without doing something else even at home. So yesterday out of boredome I tried to bake banana cake in recipe but I do it in a muffins form, well to be different from what I usually do. It turns out nice and yummy looking:)

"Make use of your time, it passes just once!" Have a great day!

5 readers digest:

S-H-Y said...

Wahh dugay naman ko la ka bake og banana cake oi..maybe time to bake again lol..

teJan said...

Mao mn pod to ako hunahuna nga murag dugay nako la ka bake mao pod ng bake ko

Jenny Blogger said...

gawa din ako same bukas after exam..hahha maiba naman sa food at sa usual cake lang..

Kero said...

Sarap naman nyan... pahinge =)

I grabbed you badge,

Followed you on GFC

and followed you on Networked Blogs.

roffe said...

namm...namm...I love cakes...

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