7 Mar 2011

Good I went to church!

It was a lazy Sunday yesterday and I was double minded if I'll go to church or not! But when I ask my girl if she want to go to church, I got a big yes from her. So we went. Wow! I'm so thankful that we did because there was a special speaker from Potters House, Texas and I was so blessed by the message.
Here are some words that strikes me:

" Where you have placed, you have to live there"
= Yes, God knows where we belong. If He placed us where we are now it means we have to live there. He will not place you to the place where you will die or you can die. For example the fish, He placed it there because he can live there, try to get it out of the water and it will die! Do not hate the place where you are... live there!

" When God started molding you, He already saw you in your completeness"
= Everyday, he ordered our steps, even how ordinary it might be. If we have still many imperfections, God still love us and so patient on us why because he already saw us in our completness, the finish product:)

Last but not the least... a striking prayer...
"Lord, forgive me, I OFFENDED your HOLINESS..."

I leave to you what this prayer means to you!

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Mel Alarilla said...

Yes, I agree with the message of the sermon. We are perfectly where God wants us to be. And we are experiencing precisely what God wants us to experience in our life at that moment. Yes, God knows the finished product because we are all works in progress. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

gracia said...

Amen! We have a Philippine bloggers book in facebook. Are you a member? pls add me sa FB johngrace fancubit... ill be the one to add you.. it's a great community for christian bloggers. added your link coz long time no hear man diay ta. God bless.

teJan said...

aha thanks gracia...hear you more often then.

@Mel, yes thanks likewise for reading. Many people wants to go to places where they think a greener pastures and hates where they are.

Beng Gee said...

Wonderful words! Thanks for sharing those inspiring Sunday Message!

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