21 Mar 2011

Interesting or Annoying!

What do you think of emails that you recieves from advertising companies or some advertiser online selling their products, does it interests you or annoys you? As I noticed nowadays on my inbox and bulk mails there are so many emails I recieved selling different products. Some are interesting anyway, gives informations but many also that are annoying and scary.

As I surf the net and even what I heard from my blogger friends, many advertisers now who are using email marketing software to contact costumer easily. That is why we recieves these kinds of emails. Well for me, there are actually some that interest me and a help specially when I'm looking for something but I'm just annoyed deleting some annoying advertisements specially when it comes many times already. It so scary to think it might be a spam, bringing virus to my mails..hehe! That's why if I'm not so sure what it is, I used to delete right away without opening it. Safety first!

Have a nice day everyone!

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RicAdeMus said...

I get soooo many ads for flowers it makes me NOT want to send flowers to anyone.

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