23 Mar 2011

CC: Connected again:)

Wednesday again, and I was not able to join last week. I had so much to do on my blogs, fixing my sites the reason I slipped out my Couple's Corner meme. Anyway, themes for this months are sequel so its okey to continue my story anyway:) Last week's topic was "crying like a river" you know when you think it was over, crying is inevitable but it was not my story. I didn't cry just hopeless!hehhe. And this week's topic is "together again".

Rodliz’s Nest
As to continue my hopeless story, As I've said he manage to sent me a text message to check my email with the code for the money so I can always be in the internet cafe every now and then and that was what happened. From then on we exchanged mail almost everyday, he calls me long distance and that starts our love affair. We connected once again until we're together until now and its always been my prayer from the start that we will be together for life! There might be problems, adjustments along the way but it will be just a part of our being together.

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RicAdeMus said...

Hehe, yes, always little problems and adjustments. But as long as both people want to make it work, it works. My wife cryed a lot after we met and she thought I didn't like her. Her mean sister knew I liked her, but didn;t tell her. Instead, the sister just said, "Quit your crying!" =)

Laikka said...

hehehe...oh thats typical for girls Rick!

Jona said...

hehehe...girls like a lot of proof kasi...even if married na nga klangan prn susuyuin. nice to hear a happy ending :D thanks for dropping by at my Couple's Corner entry.

Lina Gustina said...

Same with Jona; love to know a happy ending :)


f e R r y j H o i said...

adjustments can always be compromised right??? hihi..
After all, pag mahal mo naman talga ang isang tao, you wouldn't mind about indifferences.

simply kim said...

well, that's the best part of all... you end up together, lol!

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