6 Mar 2011

New Blogging Adventure!

As the world keep on changing and evolving, people also keep on trying to come up the level or to be 'in' on whats going on around the globe. I laugh when I heard somebody said: " Oh you're too slow, you remain on typewriters while everyone already using computers". Oh well, everyone must grow and improve. The same way here in bloggers world.

When I get back into blogging, many things changed. Almost all my friends in blogland already bigtimers hahah. They are making new blogs and changing into own domains. Then yes earned more. So, I decided to do the same also, why not. So last week I started working on it and still working:) But I really had fun! Very interesting to venture one step better about blogging and its whatabouts.

So friends, I'm inviting you to visit my new domain at 'Me and My Mestizas'. Its gonna be interesting and more lively:) I will be launching it next week but you can start visiting now and be a part. Leave your footprints so I can add you too! I'm expecting you all and I'm thankful!

3 readers digest:

teJan said...

To all who happen to visit on Me and My Mestizas blog site..sorry if its not yet available today i mean in 24hours actually. There's updating on the server going on!

thanks anyway! Be back tomorrow please:)

Mel Alarilla said...

I already visited your new site and I just love it. I'm so excited to read the latest adventures of your two mestizas in the land of the frozen tundras. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

teJan said...

hhahahah..thanks so mel! yep am also very excited aboiut that new sites...about me and my mestizas:)

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