1 Apr 2010

CC- sweet gestures!

This week's Couple's Corner is about sweet gestures! So am thinking of just sharing this time some of our pictures that shows our sweetness to each other heheh. My husband originally don't like pictures of him. But when I came into his life who love so much of doing so..he became used to it. I find it very sweet of him letting me to have pictures together anytime. Thats why we have lots but just want to share few:)

Leaning unto him, as if throwing my whole body into his famn is my one best way to show my sweetness and he likes it too.
LOL... is the closed eyes because of the sweet feelings? or because of the heat of the sun...hahah!

Harboring me is his way of showing sweetness in return and I love this gesture of him towards me...soooo much!
Hahah..this looks like I want to carry him...waaahhh! how could it be possible..this is sweet I think!

Happy CC everyone! Keep the sweetness continue..kahit maputi na ang buhok natin..lol!

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4 readers digest:

Lina Gustina said...

oohh...those are so sweeet pictures...
You're a happy couple :)

RicAdeMus said...

Happy Easter!

RicAdeMus said...

You two are such a good couple! =)
I don't like my picture being taken, but I finally learned not to frown when it happens.

I agree with you, sweet gestures towards each other carry a lot of meaning.

Happy Easter!

Me said...

hmmmm...tam-is kaayo hehehe

Happy easter sa inyo lahat....

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