16 Apr 2010

Our Shadow:)

One of our family bonding is taking a walk around specially when the weather is nice . And it's so heartwarming when finally we saw our shadow as we walked along the plain narrow road:)
Our shadows portrays something, and I'm so happy and satisfied seeing our shadow as a family holding hands, walking side by side:) My girl first noticed it. She tried to walked over the shadow but she can't:) So she have many questions about it and we also tried our best to answer! I know she still don't understand what I was trying to explain but when I told her that its you, it's us, so you must be careful on it, just enjoy watching them:) heheh.. she just simply said; "aha! okey då!" heheh!

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Mel Avila Alarilla said...

How can one simple walk with your family turn out to be a wonderful bonding experience? But that's what happened when you had a simple walk with your hubby and your darling Laikka. That you cast giant shadows ahead of you made the walk extra special for your bright daughter who kept on asking questions. A simple and straightforward answer had satisfied her curiosity. Such is the magical moment of family bonding when time stands still to record that one significant moment in your life. Thanks for the poignant post. God bless you all always.

teJan said...

yes Mel..you are absolutely right! even how simple the things are but when done as a family, it will always be great!

Anonymous said...

Hi teJan! I was out of the blog world for quite some time and I must say I'm glad to be here reading your posts again! This is a wonderful photo.. so sweet and memorable.

analou said...

I am fond of kids asking a lot of questions. They are very curious of a lot of things and when they started asking questions, be ready because most of the time it's just going on and on. Walay kahumanan. Have a nice day Jan and thanks for the visit.

David Funk said...

This is definitely a great bonding moment, and the I like how this pic came out as it did.

Shadow pics are very cool because they can sometimes be difficult to take at the right angle.

Thanks for your visits and comments as always my dear friend!

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