9 Apr 2010

Our first grill this season:)

Since we had a long winter this year, almost all people here are so excited waiting for the summer to come. Which of course to do the things that portrays summer time! Number one is having picnic barbecue grilling outside!

Today, we had a wonderful weather. The sun was shining the whole day! It already smells summer actually hehe:) While I was at work, my husband called me that his sister inviting us a dinner. They have to grill pork outside since the weather is s
o perfect! Without their knowledge, I was really wishing and imagining about it that day. I suppose will suggest my husband to do so at home but then here comes the perfect invitation..hhehe!

Oh, it was really so good. I felt so satisfied. It feels like I haven't eaten like that in already one decade! lolzzz. The combination was so perfect -fresh salad, potato fries with yummy sauce! Oh the best!!! Plus, the nice time bonding as a family..We chat, we laugh and shared funny experiences and even summer vacation plans:) Thanks Mia and Patrick..you're the best!!!

6 readers digest:

Dhemz said...

agoy nanimaho ang kalami dire tejan.....lami man kaau ang food nga naa sa imong plato woi....:)

teJan said...

Lami tan-awn sa? Mas lami jud na kaonon...hheheh! perfect ayo!

Jenny said...

wow yan ang perfect invitation and foods...can you invite me also if you will grill?hehehe

ha en trevlig helg

shydub said...

If only spring and summer all eyar round jan sa, aguy always smiling mga taga northpole hehe

RicAdeMus said...

I need to clean my grill now--fast!!! =)

Ishmael Fischer Ahab said...

Hai! Thanks for visiting my blog. :-) Just paid you a visit and what did I just saw. Another wonderful blog.


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