18 Apr 2010

A place for Moms and Kids!

As I ponder after reading the post. I looked back on my childhood years! My cousins had a twin bunk bed and I felt jealous wanting to have like that too. But sad to say my parents cannot afford to buy one for us. Now that I become a mom and have a sweet lovely girl and soon another one is coming by september, all I wanted is the best for my children. And I'm so happy to know about what Grace reviewed about Mom's Bunk House where bunk beds are so great for kids! The post is so informative and personal. It touches mother's hearts and she's right, ay Moms Bunk House theres always best place for Moms! I haven't heard it before but I'm fully get into it now! Thanks for sharing and I'm sure, many Moms still out there who are like me and will be happy to know about this! Good job!

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RicAdeMus said...

I'm glad you're finding quality stuff for the kids. My son has Cargo-style, wooden bunk bed. The bottom bunk is like a fort.

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