21 Apr 2010

The housewagon is ON!

Last weekend, we had really fun putting up my MILs house wagon, together with the whole family! This camp site really is wonderful. The people are so friendly and always happy! Thats why its been always exciting everytime!

Saturday, they started putting up the tent..it was not easy and took time. Only my husband, his sister with her hubby and my MiL did most of the things. I was just there watching the children and enjoying the gentle breeze around the site! I love the sorroundings..so cool and calm!
Sunday.., they were putting up the things needed for the whole season. The table and chairs, refregerator, microwave oven and lot more! as usual they did most of the things because they are big and strong hahah.. I just prepared the food... grill again this time! hahhah.
What a life while watching the grill to be ready... I was enjoying the smell of the sun and its heat..hahhah!!! Wohooo! the house wagon is ON and our first dinner together at the wagon on this season! It's gonna be fun and I think we will spend most of our weekends here:)

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texas_sweetie said...

yahay gud tan awn dihang lugara mura man ma feel pud naku ang cool breeze nga imo gi describe ob kurs samot ka bibo kay whole family naa ningpatik ang mga pahiyom! thanks for passing by today jan..

teJan said...

Perti jud kahayahay oi! lami gud diri ipuyo kay malinawn kung amo pa lang ne..nyahhahah! Lamay sad gwapa!

JENIE=) said...

wow ang saya saya namna nyan!!!

Me said...

wow...nice gyud ang camping... asa man ni dapit?

Dhemz said...

agoy pagka hugyaw ug alegre kaau woi....nice kaau ni nga idea...summer na jud diha sa inyo te no? kahayahay sa buntit kay nagtagad raman sa sinugba...ehehehe!

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