28 Jul 2009

My living reflection

"Even a little child can show what she is by what she does."

Summer vacation is almost over;( but I had enough:) These past few weeks during our vacation, I had more and precious time together with my family. Then I learned so much about my little girl now that Im always with her round the clock. I noticed and so amazed about how far she already are on her growth in every aspects. She already can do so many things that impressed me, impresses us. And everytime is fun. He wants to do everything herself and wants to show us what she can.

She likes music, she has couple of instruments like guitar, piano, trumpets, drums, tambourine and even lyre. And she wants to play every one of them;)

She also likes sports..she can kick that ball..hehe. She even like to help me in household chores. Baking with me is her favorite. She also wants to handle herself alone like eating, dressing up( she already knows what clothes she wants), pooing in the toilet:), brushing her teeth and the like. She likes her books and wants me to read for her everytime she goes to sleep, she likes writing and coloring, she sings and dance a lot;) But what makes me happy and impressed the most is her attitude. She is what I want she should be after all. She has a great sense of humor, she is so sweet and loving. She already shows different emotions in a right way. She gives my life a meaning. As I ponder about her I understand more why we should be happy and how beautiful life is. I even knows myself more through her as my living reflection:) I now appreciate much how lovely it is being a mother and I love my mother more..heheh.
Yes she has much more to learn in these world. She can be and do more on the coming days. So do I.

I love you so much my child!mmmwaaah!

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Sassychick said...

What a cute,curly-haired baby you got...I'm hoping to have one too one day...

teJan said...

heheh..thanks ann, yap I love it too..she has no hair when she was born, so everyone said she will have straight hair...but now Im so happy they were wrong..heheh!
Goodluck to you then:)In a right time...:)

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