10 Jul 2009

Butterfly Orange

"There is a time for everything...
... time to cry and time to laugh,
... time to be born and time to die,
... time to work and to rest;)"

After a long day from work, I was home so late yesterday. While walking home, my mind was imagining the bed to comfort my tired body and mind! And when finally I arrived the door of our apartment I could hardly make more step going up on the stairs. But then I had to go up cause I live on the 3rdfl. My shoulder so heavy, my feet so tired and my eyes so sleepy still I saw something small creature on the stairs, color orange!!! And when I really look at it, Its a beautiful butterfly, I dont know how it got there but she was there..still alive but weak!

Personally, orange is my favorite color and I liked so much the nature of this little creature-BUTTERFLY. First they are a worm...crawling, then they will be (seems) dead in a certain time..days, weeks, months (pupa period). but when they are ready... they will come out so beautiful and flying!

Isn't it so meaningful in everyone's life? There are period of times that we are still crawling.., trying, fighting in order to live. Will be in the dark and hard situation but those are needed so we comes out beautifully and flying;)

Take note; If someone will try to let the butterfly to come out into their shell when its not yet time, it will cause them to die, the same thing to us.. when we make things in hurry it will result destruction!

"There is no shortcuts in a worthwhile work!"

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