1 Jul 2009


"Many are the plans of a man's heart
but it will always God's purpose will prevail!"

I am fun of making future plans:) inspite of me being so happy go lucky and a 'live for today attitude' still I have so many plans that somehow leads into my dreams in life! But as far as I can remember, none of my plans happened.. I mean the way I want to! Still I got the result and enjoyed it more than I ever want it but the other way around!

Well.., you know what??? I looove it! why? coz its more exciting and indeed great! Most of us, when we have a good plan, and we pray for it and we trust Him and we do our job well and it seems everything goes for us anyway, but still... uh,uh! failure! And so we will feel hurts and disappointed, then we ask God why.

Hmmm.. theres always two way of overcoming it, either you let God or you will remain discouraged. If you choose to feel pity and continue questioning, everything will be in vain. But if we choose to let God... wow! I can garantee you and its proven that the result is really great beyond our understanding and we can just wake up AMAZE!

(...this post has a sequel... i will share all my experiences which proves Gods plan is amazing:) and how I strive so much first before I surrendered God my future! hmm.. hope it will bless you! keep following guys! Godspeed!)

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Chris said...

well said..

teJan said...

thanks chris!

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