22 Jul 2009

An UnIdentified Feelings

"In the noisy confusion of life, keep peace within your soul"

I don't know what happen... maybe tired? so tired? Seems bored
but not actually...over busy having fun???? whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat??? Hmmp, I cant think of something, just looking but dont see anything, thinking but all is blank, listening but don't hear exactly! I want to eat something good but dont know what really..I tried many but still not satisfied.

Is this loneliness??? missing someone? something? somewhere?
Is this emptiness??? having it all but lacks the most important one?
Is this weariness?? worry of something out of nowhere?
Is this sickness? thinking too much, a mind can handle?
Or is this pressure, stress,restlessness and reality!

Am I in my lowless time again inspite of being at the peak of completeness, happiness and satisfaction??? Is this possible?? Oh my.. please... what feelings is this! before I get crazy;(

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